February 18, 2015


i make plans and life gets in the way.
VD Day weekend was nice. the small setback was the hotel me and Matthew stayed out got new TVs that you couldn’t plug the Blu-Ray player to. that sucked. other than that, the restaurant, the night, the morning, it was all good.
it was so good that I GOT SKYRIM back on my laptop! oh happy days!
and what’s weird, as much as i’m a lover when i played WoW, more magick than anything else, in Skyrim, i’m a fighter. i dual wield and just want blood, much, much blood. save the game, kill everyone in town, or until i get killed, then open the saved game right before my murderous rampage.
i think this will help with dealing with people at work, coworkers and customers.
and then Tuesday hit me. my period started. i think, going to the bathroom where there is no heat kicked everything up a notch to me leaving work early (i threw up gum while on the floor, GUM!). i learned that i can throw up and drive at the same time and that, even after throwing up everything in your stomach, you don’t dry heave you throw up bile.
i slept with socks on, that’s how sick i was.
and i’m almost feeling human today. almost.

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