February 10, 2015


this is a shout out to Shelby so i can use her tag and in her vain attempts to get higher up on the tag list. her goal is to get higher then Matthew and Colt.
hi Shelby.
i had written something earlier, about how much i am changing and then i reverted back to a nothing state. i realized this and now must go the step to get my ass back in gear.
my tax refund is, really nice. i have plans on divide it 3 ways to take care of things and hopefully move forward.
really, i am at a point where i will be changing so much, i will not be the same person next year.
i cannot be this person next year.
what i am leery of is my week of “overnights”. it’s not overnights, it’s 3 AM till noon. i think i can make it, i don’t know if the rest of my family can deal with it.
and part of me is scared of this week because i don’t have a DarkShark to buzz me at the end of the week.
at the end of THIS week, i will be in a hotel room with Matthew. i’m hoping with the high speed internet that i can “fix” my laptop. if not, i’m taking it to the shop.
i got to start crocheting.
in other news, Spider-Man is now sorta in the MCU now. will have to see what more news comes out before i make my mind up.

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