February 11, 2015


new plans:
  • 2/16 is start of using Lose It app hardcore. i got it working, paid for the extra bells and whistles, time to go balls wild with it.
  • also, start working out. i have my plans for walking, ab lounger, and a stripper 10 min workout video.
  • new plan for my room, short burst of 30 min cleans. better than nothing, not as great as an hour.
this is me being a new resolution for every month. this seems to be the only way i can get the things done.
the only stop in this will be the week of “overnights”. still kinda scared of that but i know i am strong and can do it. i have my peeps, (hi Shelby) to keep me alive.
now that i think of it, Shelby is my closest friend. she lives one county over. everyone else is far away.

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