January 27, 2015

things are moving along

i am working an hour a day, on my days off, in my room. it felt slow at first by now, now i see that it’s working so well to do this. square foot at a time, i’m getting space back. i know that the next chunk will be going through my clothes, so i won’t see things move.
except out. i hope to get rid of stuff i don’t need/want.
it’s not so much as a need to reduce as more, “really? will i be happy keeping thing or happier with the free space of not having it?”
and with that thought, i will be getting rid of some of my penguins. i had the though before but voted it down. now i know that i need to. culling the crèches will be sotra hard but i know, someone will find them and love them just as much as i have.
and then onto the shelf of other stuff critters and a culling of them.
if Nicole, Matthew, Colt, did not give it to me, or it’s not as old as me, it’s going away.
it’s gonna be scary and there will be tears, i can feel it.
in “better” news, went to K-Mart, and bitches, i got new jeans.
yes, they are size 26 but they FIT and next year, they will be size 24!
i will be smaller. if it’s 9 pounds a year, by damn then so be it. this is my fight and i am WINNING.
and next month starts the walks! and other things that i’m not saying.
i will be prettier then Colt come May!
and me and Nicole have been txting and talking more lately.
we’ve been friends for 13 years now. sometimes i forget that we have been through so much shit, that we understand each other so much better.
and with the kittys back, and my birdfeeder bring me much joy, fuck all the haters right now. i will take you out, and i don’t mean for dinner and a movie.

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