January 19, 2015

is it Tuesday yet?

i’m waiting for it to be Tuesday cuz Dawn will be in trouble and it will be my day off.
just got down with 6 in a row and this time, it hurt. that, along with a period that won’t start, and news from a friend, put me in a dark place that i didn’t want to be. it got to a point where i asked myself is this me or just the darkness wanting to take over?
it was the darkness.
it’s the same story, depression. the sad fact everyone grows up and moves away and i’m still stuck, same place for 35 years, no hope of moving on. it’s t the point where i tell myself, don’t dream of marriage and children, it ain’t happening to you.
i’m not going to start down the passive aggressive road, with this blog. i’ll save that for Twitter. i did an experiment of sorts today and it showed sad.
worked an hour in my room. i’m caught up with that.
need to get my crochet together. by May 1st, i want all my near and dears to have at least one personal “doll” from me.
do i leave this post on a sad and dark note or find something uplifting about life in general?
all i got to do is stay white and die.

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