January 30, 2015

brand new

tomorrow is a full fun day of work. i’m off early and then my plans are straight home, a shower, and then pjs and something low-key and with a cocktail.
Sunday, Sunday is going to be fun. i’m going for a walk, bust out the ab lounger, and then some live Tweeting the Super Bowl.
what’s been really great is me and Nicole talking so much the past few days. i’ve forgotten how great it is to have someone with so much history be in your life. Matthew and Colt are wonderful but Nicole, she knows me and saw me grow into what Matthew and Colt sees.
they love me for the woman she made me.
this year is really about me getting better, in so many ways, on so many lvls. slowly, but so surely, it is happening.
i’m scared but i know this is long overdue. so long overdue.
i will come out of this, in a new woman.

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