January 6, 2015


so far, i think i’m doing go. i’m slowly getting this set up to become a new and improve amerwitch.
and it is true. i’m turning 35 this year, and every 7 years you get a new body. maybe this year, after i spin myself a cocoon and come out on my birthday, my mutant powers will bloom and i’ll have vampire teeth, a tail, or wings. or all three!
if the weather would be better (warmer) i would be able to start walking. i need to venter into the sheds and see if i can get something… for working out. ;-)
i did get my money under wraps. i have none so it’s easy to watch it.
i need to get my diet app updated and then we can roll with that.
need to get my crocheting up and running. i got things to make for Colt, Matthew and Shelby.
and Nicole.
epp. i need to get to the hooks.
and really, what the hell am i to do for Colt for VD day? sending a card seems so, icky.
and they frown at printing nudes at the photo lab at work.
i might be going over overnights to deal with shoes. part of me thinks this will be ok and another part of me fears for the weirdness that got me last time i went on overnights. only this time, i don’t have the cure.
he’s in Springfield.
but, in uplifting news: there’s a 4 yr old who now calls me Aunty Amer. my Christmas gift was the best and am the best thing, ever.
watch Agent Carter tonight! it will be great cuz, it’s Marvel!

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