January 11, 2015


it was about a year ago when Open Diary went down. i had journal there for 13 odd years. i doubt that 22 year old girl even recognized the 34 year old woman today.
Blogger was found and became another place for me to feel self-important. i started off with “no love of the wind”, a line i have no clue where it came from. now, it’s “pray to the shadow” (again, no clue where it came from) and i’m happy with it.
i’m amerwitch, bitter witch. it’s been a long trip from “bitter~virgin” to being a bitter witch.
bitter~virgin was a lost Catholic school girl refugee with no love. amerwitch is a lost pagan soul with 2 boyfriends who love her dearly.
Johnny Depp has been replaced with Tom Hiddleston.
i found Buffy and Joss Whedon and now it’s Marvel forever.
i became a witch, became lapsed, and now reworking that old black magick.
i took up crocheting, hardcore because it was the first magick i was taught.
4 jobs, 3 boyfriends, Ray, an angel, my own little fag to hag over, forever Nicole there thought the mix.
haven’t been the best blogger. Pagan Blog Prompts and 5 yr blog had taken much but i’m trying to get back into the swing of things. it’s not so much for the numbers but to get the demons out of my head.
1,000 down, another 1,000 to go.

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