July 15, 2014

the bf's bday

past weekend was Matthew’s birthday weekend. it was all good, for the most part.
met up with him in Rolla, cuz Kelly came down the same weekend for back to school shopping.
Matthew slept most of Friday.
Saturday was his birthday. we went to the new water park in Owensville. it was really nice and had fun just floating around.
and then came the trip to Jeff City to see Transformers: Age of Extinction.
because it was his birthday.
i, words, no smart now.
now, i haven’t seen a Michael Bay movie in forever. as the movie started, i recalled the Nostalgia Critic’s review on Pearl Harbor and OMGs! everything the Critic said was so true! the movie was so bad.
it was just bad. and long. and bad. and bad.
it was bad.
Chili’s beforehand was great. Matthew sorta picked out which quesadilla for me and it rocked.
movie was bad.
we get back to town and i swing by the fairgrounds. fireworks at 10!
round quarter after 10 there was fireworks. and it was a short display without a grand finale.
back in the day when we shot fireworks off at my house, was a better job than this.
home to bed.
Sunday, Matthew and me said our goodbyes.

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