June 12, 2014

something is going down

i got sundown last night. this usually hits in the winter so this hitting me in freaking “summer”, i’m lost.
nothing like soul searching into the darkness part of your own soul to see what is hiding in there.
part of this is due to time and effort in writing #thedarkbday, another part is that i’ve been listening to The Phantom of the Opera A LOT lately.
oh Erik, my first love. you do know how to fuck with my mind. no other has ever been able to get inside my head like you.
i need to sit down and write some personal statements post. i think i need to work on “Red is My Favorite Color” first. and then a piece about Erik.
Erik, i’m not the same girl, hell i’m not even a girl anymore. from that first flirtation back in the fall of ’95 to this complicated forgotten relationship we have now, it’s been a long road.
i’m not writing today, anymore. today is about crocheting. i need to crochet.

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