June 11, 2014

coming up for air

dear Christmas on a stick.
i just got done typing, posting, and editing my version of #thedarkbday. it will be posted here on the 13th, right at midnight.
i hand wrote, back and front, almost 6 pages about theses 3 days.
and that’s with using shorthand.
and then came the hard part of typing it out. i typed it on my phone, using Evernote.
i don’t think i have ever put this much time and effort in writing anything.
in other news: this is my first day off after working 6 in a row. fuck this Christen workweek idea.
but tomorrow is a half day and plus hours for me. and then 2 days off in a row.
and one is Friday the 13th, full moon.
and then a Saturday off.
and i have to freaking be at the store at 7 AM and be alone for 3 hours.
BUT things will be ok next Tuesday. i’m having an overnight with Mathew in Rolla. it will be a fun date.

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