June 18, 2014


yesterday, me and Matthew met up in Rolla for an overnight.
it was wonderful.
i got there before him (!), got in his car, and off to Taco Bell for lunch.
we then hit Wal-Mart (because i have to go there, every day, no matter what) where i found book bags on sale (back-to-school is coming) and got me 3 for $21, i have purses forever now!
we check in the hotel, turn the air on 60˚ F, and watch Cop Land.
i then take a before and after selfies to show the world my selfie skills.
and what i can do in 30 mins. bitches who take longer need to redo their skill sets.
we eat at Colton’s. we have never had a bad time at the place.
we sat on the one side we never did, saw that they have a moose head on the wall. maybe it was a sign that Jorge was watching over us.
food was good, server was cute. i didn’t look up when the server came over. base on name and voice, i thought it was a girl. nope, it was a dude, he even had a beard.
i wanted to take him, and the front desk boy at the hotel.
back to the room. we watch Richard III (Ian McKellen is fucking awesome!) saw The Wil Wheaton Project, and then we had booze, cookies, soda, pizza rolls, and started watching True Detective.
oh my gods, this show. i got the code to get it off itunes, so maybe in a week i can sit and watch it all.
woke up to The Dark Knight (it’s amazing. no matter what is on the TV, that movie is always playing in the morning).
we went to Denny’s for food. never again.
J.C. Penny had lots of cool jewelry no shirts in Matthew’s size, and then to the comic book store!
bad news: the place got robbed over the weekend. dopefiends broke a window and took all the money. if it was nerds, they would have taken the action figures.
good news: Robert is opening a branch on the base! he’ll be there on Thor’sDay, so Matthew can get hit books there, and not in Rolla.
and then me and Mathew parted ways.

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