May 22, 2014

PART II: Girlfriend

so last weekend was a great treat of Nicole coming down for her sister’s graduation and me getting to spend some good quality time with her.
i got home and just had my first course when she called. i threw on my new shirt and made my way there.
i love Osage County. there was beer and wine at the high school graduation party.
the minute she hugged me and i walked to the yard for the party, i got hit my so many feels, for lack of a better word. it was just stage, like i was on the verge of breaking out into tears.
i don’t know why. it wasn’t PMS or anything, it was just sorta unsettling.
anyway, the party was great. you were supposed to leave a fond memory of the graduate and mine was “You were that weird kid with rats in your room.”
the more i talked to Audrey, the more i remember her being that weird kid. if Nicole had to baby sit her, i came over so Nicole wouldn’t kill her.
now, i can’t wait till Audrey is 21 and the 3 of us can go to the bar.
i can see now how Audrey and Nicole are sisters. Audrey just had to become human.
so the party, beer, food, good time. me and Nicole sneaked away to go to the bar. i got a much needed Dr. Pepper.
we talked, gods did we talked. i really need to go see her soon, sans Matthew.
we even walked up to the gas station for a whiskey run. i was one of those lame girls, walking the streets of Linn after dark.
i’m just glad not to have to bail anyone out of jail. 
she is just so much better than Loki.

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