May 20, 2014

PART I: Boyfriend One

i know i’m late with writing this all down but i see now i have a trilogy coming up within this month. so, i will write the best i can.

PART I: Boyfriend One.

i came home on the 5th to find my boyfriend in my bed.
that was the start of our 4th anniversary.
Tuesday the day started off with a trip to the hairdresser. i got a cut, eyebrows done, and red lowlights put in.
you can’t really see them but i love it. i can see the difference and i think i’m going back in October for more of a purple hue lowlights.
me and Matthew then made our way to Owensville for food and shopping.
i love the boy but he has no clothes. after he gave me his freaking yellow shirt, he moved onto wearing the St. Louis Cardinals shirt i gave him last year, ALL THE TIME.
now he has clothes.
we go home, get pizza, and watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Wednesday we made our way to Columbia to see Spiderman.
i don’t care for Spiderman as a comic book hero and i didn’t really care for this movie. that being said, the movie was okish.
knowing Sony is trying to build up their own type of Avengers universe, they threw a lot of stuff out there all at once. i didn’t care for that.
Jamie Fox sold me as being a nerd. he looked and acted the part. he was a waste. they could have cut him out of the movie, it would have worked fine. hell, i think the movie was too long and slow at times.
it was sad to see Emma Stone die. i just didn’t buy their love. i didn’t feel anything.
Thor’sDay was just a day of chilling before Matthew went home for school.

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