May 21, 2014

dream within a dream

dream this morning was a bit out there.
the setting was a bad 1970’s western. i was walking up this ladder stairs to the second floor of a building and there was Tom Hiddleston, shirtless and sweated wet. i don’t remember what he said but i think it was Shakespearean. there was a bed and i said something about how i was soft as the bed.
i think i woke up and was in Grandma Esther’s basement. some female was playing pool and i was describing my dream to Kyle from Brows Held High (for some strange reason he was there). it was kinda flirty between me and him.
and then i woke up.
i was watching Avengers before bed and Tom Hiddleston has been on my mine a lot lately.
i had a crappy day at work and was planning to go home and drink. instead, i watched Avengers. that’s when it really hit that Avengers is my go to cure all for most my problems.
and with seeing Nicole this weekend, she is better than Loki. Loki is better than both my boyfriends combine, but Nicole is world’s better than Loki.

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