May 4, 2014

baby, no, truck on fire

driving home from work on April 30th, my boyfriend made mention that tomorrow (May 1st) would be our anniversary.
after a moment of cuteness, i started freaking out.

him: what’s wrong?
me: do you know what tomorrow means?
him: it’s our anniversary?

maybe i have my priorities messed up.
so, i get home late to wake up ass early to be at work at 7.
i am proud of myself to leave the house by 5:30 AM. i had it all plotted out to stop and get gas and be at work, on time if not a bit early.
everything is going great. then i see up ahead the curvy wooded road, black smoke. as i get closer, my thought process goes “who is burning this early in the morning? i see flames, oh gods, is that pretty house on fire? no, it’s just that tuck.”
so, there was a truck, perpendicular in the road, engulf in flames. i could see the frame of the truck but the WHOLE THING WAS ON FIRE!!!
so, i watch. there was a car in front of me that stopped 4 or so on the other side of the burning truck, and i saw some people looking in the ditch (this happen in a curve, i think that’s where the other car was).
i sat there a min. i txted my mom and told her “i am not part of the wreak that happen before you get to Belle.” took a pic, and then drove back home, got gas in Linn, and made my way to work.
got to work, Mom called and we talked a bit about the wreak, i went inside, brought 9 packs of gum, and clocked in 2 mins early.
by the time i got home from a long day, Mom found the crash report. i think i got there shortly after it happen.
so, i was mostly spooked at work. just, that truck on fire. it was something out of a movie. you don’t plan on seeing that, ever.

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