April 20, 2014

nerd update

i vow that i will never let my blog get so far behind that it dies on me.
in a turn of events, i worked 6 days in a row to come home to a boyfriend. Mathew came up to watch Caption America: The Winter Solder since Colt moved 2.5 hours away.
i did some prepping by watching all the MCU movies, in order. it had been a while since i watch some (like YEARS) and it was fun way to gear up for the new chapter.
it’s a Tuesday, noonish; there should be no one in the movie theater, right? RIGHT?!?
school bus of high school kids show up. why the hell were they not in school?
Matthew saves the day by switching our tickets and we see the next show.
so the movie. it’s a bit retcon (and i’m not a big fan of retcon) and with watching Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., i got so many feels.
hail Hydra?
and this “omg! the Winter Solider is the new Loki!” shit i keep seeing?
he is good looking. he gots that “he’s a bad boy but i can save him vibe) oozing.
hell of a good fighter. that was sexy.
but what the hell? Bucky really didn’t do much talking and there was no quick whips and MOTHERFUCKERS, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO FUCK WITH LOKI LIKE THAT?
and in good news, the pizza place is back!!! i don’t think i wrote about some time ago the pizza place just closed. well, someone brought it, and all the trimmings and it’s back.
and it taste just as great.

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