April 22, 2014


wanted to write a post and it turn out the everyday dribble of life.
gag me.
trying to set up days for Colt’s birthday/Lynny’s wedding. it’s all going down at the same time! go me!
really need to get my shit together and crochet. i’m so behind it’s not funny.
i’ve been watching Velvet Goldmine sorta none stop right now. i think i’m going to buy the soundtrack.
it’s something about that movie that makes it seem that sex was more real than it is now.
or maybe i’m losing my mind.
i really want to make Colt watch that movie. he might like it.
Matthew will be watching it the next time he comes up. it has Christen Bale in it. he needs to watch it.
the only thing about our anniversary i’m not looking forward is seeing Spiderman. have not heard many good things about it, i’m not a fan of his, and it’s not MCU. boo that.
good side: pizza and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be a good way to start the weekend.
and i’m getting my hair done.

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