March 31, 2014

5 yr blog, day 177

“What inventions can you not live without?”

copping out and saying EVERYTHING that goes with smartphones.

March 29, 2014

5 yr blog, day 175

“Write down a few lines from a sing or poem that you identify with today.

"Everyone goes away in the end." line from "Hurt." it's the Johnny Cash version that’s been hitting my bones.

13 years

  • a day ago: spending one last lunch with Colt.
  • a week ago: work.
  • a month ago: translating tweets.
  • six months ago: Iron Man 3 was out and so was Agent of SHIELD. and i had met Tom.
  • a year ago: got paid.
  • three years ago: i was optimists and had fun with Matthew and Nicole.
  • five years ago: it was spring.
  • ten years ago: i had an angel.
  • fifteen years ago: somewhere in my senior year of high school.
  • twenty years ago: somewhere in my 7th grade year.

this would have been my thirteenth anniversary of having an online journal but Open Diary went belly up on the 7th of February.
there was a lot of stuff there. and now it’s all gone.
but, due to my lack of spelling and typing skills, i have everything on Word. so i didn’t lose anything, just notes.
i have no way to find Christopher now.
and he has no way to find me.
i have Matthew. i have Colt. i have Nicole.

March 28, 2014

5 yr blog, 174

“What do you want to remember about today?”

last lunch with Colt.

boyfriends most wanted

so Matthew came up to see me and take me to see Muppets Most Wanted because he’s the boyfriend that will take me to see that movie.
Colt wouldn’t.
the movie was, good. i still like The Muppets better by ti think the songs were better in Muppets Most Wanted.
and i think being 33 made the movie better.
the cameos were wonderful (needed more Tom Hiddleston) and it was a good flick overall.
we hit gold when at the mall with finding Matthew a suit, half off. the fucker was in his size, short and wide. it was too good to be true and we saved $108.
i cut my losses and didn’t even try to look for a dress.
we visited with the grandparents. it’s kinda sad to think they are in better heath then Mathew’s parents.
the big kicker of all this, is Mathew holding me in bed while i cried about losing Colt. Matthew said he will drive me to see him whenever i want.
he said this because i wanted to keep me. we had a discussion about this and he agreed it’s because he loves me.
don’t tell me you want to keep me. it’s sounds like i’m some sort of prize you want. tell me you do this because you love me and i will fall in love with you more.
and he won major points, holding me in bed while i was crying because my best friend was moving 2.5 hours away.
it was a good visit.

March 27, 2014

5 yr blog, day 173

“When was the last time you felt like you were on top of the world?”

no clue, but the last time i felt really alive was when i went to see The Wolverine with Colt.

March 24, 2014

March 23, 2014

5 yr blog, day 169

“Are you country or rock ‘n’ roll (or hip-hop, emo, folk, punk…)?


March 22, 2014

5 yr blog, day 168

“Jot down a news story from today.”

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still missing. 
future self, whatever happen to it?

March 21, 2014

5 yr blog, day 167

“The first thing you ate today was ___.”

fuck if i know.
“Gluten free waffles.”

March 20, 2014

5 yr blog, day 166

“What was the last book you read?”

i have no clue. :’(

March 19, 2014

5 yr blog, day 165

“Describe your work ethic.”

do what you can, and don’t get in trouble.

March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

March 15, 2014

March 14, 2014

5 yr blog, day 160

“What is true?”

fuck you. give me two lines to write this shit out? this is something that takes books and lifetimes to sort out. no.

March 13, 2014

5 yr blog, day 159

“If you could add one hour to your day, what would you do with it?"


March 11, 2014

5 yr blog, day 157

“What was something you wanted today, but couldn’t have?”

million dollars.

March 10, 2014

5 yr blog, day 156

“What was the last movie you rented?”

The Astronaut's Wife

March 9, 2014

March 8, 2014

March 7, 2014

5 yr blog, day 153

“It’s not a good idea to experiment with___.”
the truth.

March 5, 2014

5 yr blog, day 151

“What’s your favorite word (right now)?”



i don’t deal with the stress of my new job well. it’s internal stress and you can’t run from that. i need to learn to deal with it.
what helped was a date with Colt (i need to put down in words the ape that is my heart about that boy) and ice cream. at least that’s what i keep telling myself, ice cream helps.
well, i can’t DRINK on the job so, ice cream.
so home i went, and sorta taking a cue from Colt, i decided to watch Avengers and live tweet it. and have a bit of Cherry Dr. Pepper and Stoli.
and that all ended at 2 in the morning.
kinda pissed off Colt with blowing up his phone with my tweets. :-)
ok, that was Monday night with the tweeting. my days are starting to blur together.
so i did watch Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. and it is kick ass awesome that i knew was coming.
and now i’m on round 2 of watching Avengers and i’m amazed that Joss is boss and i live to see this wonderment.
and i don’t know if it’s PMS or what but my heart is bursting with happiness of this movie. i don’t know if it’s because it’s so FUCKING AWESOME, or just well written, or the fact my love of Buffy cannot be scoff at or i don’t know! Avengers make me happy.
and yet, it’s the 2nd greatest movie of all times. my inner 4 yr old will fight you about this. the movie that shaped me the most is The Wizard of Oz and is the greatest movie.
sorry Joss.
and i want to write and i got an idea cooking. i want to write a 10 page short story, just to write something. and with Colt kinda fucking with me and leading me down a Mary Sue/fanfic world, i got my original idea. i got the Rolling Stone article up and reread for a base and i think i can bang this out.
and i did get some crocheting down too!
i need to work out, more than once a month. but, it needs to get about freezing.
it was all fun and games to quote George R. R. Martian with the whole “Winter is coming” but my fucking gods, i think this is the long winter. it’s March and there is fresh snow.
is the lack of green and fresh fucking with me? can i blame that on that?
if March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, it’ll be a 100 by the end of this month.
Colt has a boyfriend. i’ve met the boy once, and i found him crass.
he makes Colt happy. that’s all that matters. and if he crosses Colt, me and Matthew will beat the living shit out of him.
i need to do stuff. this may be the last 2 days in a row i have off for a very long time. i can live with being home by 7 for this “work a day off a day work a day” bullshit. i think i can handle it.

March 4, 2014

5 yr blog, day 150

“What would you like to ask your mother?”

why haven’t you killed Dad yet?

March 2, 2014

5 yr blog, day 148

“Salty or sweet?”

Tom Hiddleston.


the following Tweets take place over the night of 2/25/2014. @The_DarkShark, aka Krazy, aka Coltrane, aka Colt, and i watch Thor The Dark World. he was at his Grotto, i, in the Shack in the Woods.

7:34 PM 
amerwitch: Me and @The_DarkShark are gonna live tweet! We are connected!

7:35 PM 
The_DarkShark: I will be tweeting from the view point of confused Marvel fan who watches the movie with no comic knowledge

7:36 PM 
The_DarkShark: All questions and inquiries will be taken care of when the film ends and in the order they are received

7:39 PM 
amerwitch: Don't forget to follow @The_DarkShark for the full effect! #Thor2 #TheHair

7:41 PM 
The_DarkShark: Follow @amerwitch for a dual play-by-play of #Thor2 #TheDarkWorld

7:34 PM 
The_DarkShark: In approx 30 mins I will partake in a live tweet criticism of Thor 2 with @amerwitch

amerwitch: Small amount of criticism. Large about of fangilring over #TheHair

7:49 PM 
amerwitch: I will be drinking a martini while watching #TheHair .

7:51 PM 
amerwitch: An amerwitch martini: 1 part Stoli vodka, 3 parts dry vermouth, shaken not stirred.

The_DarkShark: Names Witch…. Amer Witch
amerwitch: Ha Ha.

7:54 PM 
The_DarkShark: Almost time. #Thor2 live tweet. Follow @amerwitch as well. No questions til the end of the film

7:57 PM 
The_DarkShark: 8pm sharp is when I push play. Criticism of #Thor2 to follow 
amerwitch: This evening of nerding out, with @The_DarkShark , is brought to you by @josswhedon . I would not be into @Marvel if it wasn’t for him.

7:59 PM 
The_DarkShark: Tell you one thing. This title screen gets annoying after 10 times repeating

8:00 PM 
The_DarkShark: And play! @amerwitch 
The_DarkShark: #Marvel typical opening

8:01 PM 
The_DarkShark: Ether looks like water if you ask me 
The_DarkShark: Can’t see. Pringles can is in the way #Thor2

8:02 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oh no!! Accidentally hit rewind 
The_DarkShark: What? Dark Elf is evolving! #Thor2 #pokemon reference

8:03 PM 
The_DarkShark: Starting to look like a scene form Lord of the Rings #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: When losing a war, sacrifice your own people. #alwaysworks #Thor2

8:04 PM 
The_DarkShark: Why so serious helmet man? 
amerwitch: Wifi down! Damn it! 
The_DarkShark: #Buryitdeep #thatswhatshesaid #Thor2

8:05 PM 
The_DarkShark: I’m going to be Amer…. “Omg THE HAIR! OMG OMG!!” #Thor2 
amerwitch: I thought they would make us wait for #TheHair. Nope, right there, up front. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: He looks like a green power ranger. #Thor2 #Loki

amerwitch: Fuck you.

8:06 PM 
The_DarkShark: Loki. Shut up about your birthright. You’re adopted. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Ever noticed all the guards in #Thor2 are mainly black?

8:07 PM 
The_DarkShark: Now it looks like a scene from Star Wars. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Omg Thor is here to save the day. Yipee. #Thor2

8:08 PM 
amerwitch: Thor doesn’t look good with long hair. #Thor #The Hair 
The_DarkShark: Im going to start swing the mallet at the work around like Thor. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Look! Enemy sent out Graveler. I choose you! Thor! #Thor2

8:09 PM 
The_DarkShark: Next time we should start with the big one. #thatswhatshesaid #Thor2

8:10 PM 
amerwitch: I thought the rock guy would reform and epic fight would happen. It didn’t. :’( #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Look! The crow from #VampireDiares #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Thor’s outfit makes him look like a female pig or cat with 6 teets

amerwitch: And your fashion sense is so great?

8:11 PM 
The_DarkShark: Chris Hemsworth looks like he just came from the gym. #Thor2

8:12 PM 
The_DarkShark: Shirtless. Oh he’s shirtless! Excuse me while I… hmmm… you know. #Thor2 
amerwitch: The body is nice, but not with that hair. #Thor2 #TheHair

8:13 PM 
The_DarkShark: She wants the D! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Is that a hammer in your pocket or are you happy to see me? #Thor2 #shirtless

amerwitch: The penis is my hammer.

8:14 PM 
amerwitch: riddle me this, I can receive tweets on my laptop but can’t send them. O_o 
The_DarkShark: Thr French guy looks familiar. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: #IMDB here I come

8:15 PM 
The_DarkShark: Omg! It’s #Darcy! Yay!! Darcy!!! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: God I love Darcy! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: When in doubt, hit the expensive electronic device. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Wait, come back Darcy! #Thor2

8:16 PM 
The_DarkShark: Sea bass. Sea bass…. what’s so important about sea bass? #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Did you see her #seabass? #Thor2

8:17 PM 
The_DarkShark: Lol Darcy has an intern. And Darcy drives like me! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Streaking at Stonehenge! #Thor2 
amerwitch: I know Natalie Portman won an Oscar and I’ve seen Black Swan, but I don’t see it in this movie. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Erik looks so old after the #Avengers. #Thor2

8:18 PM 
The_DarkShark: Shut up, Intern! You’re name is Intern like #Agent. Less we forget: “Uh, his first name is Agent.” #Thor2 #IronMan

8:19 PM 
The_DarkShark: Bratty little kids. Don’t touch floating buses! Haven’t your parents taught you anything? ! #Thor2

8:20 PM 
The_DarkShark: Magic act with the stairwell. I’d jump and try it myself. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Darcy: “I wanna throw something. Jane, give me your shoe!” #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Lol #givemeyourshoe is what I will say now when I wanna hit someone #Thor2

8:21 PM 
The_DarkShark: Brilliant idea! Throw the car keys in the magical disappearing stairwell! #Thor2

8:22 PM 
The_DarkShark: Minecraft world now in #Thor2. Weird. This movie copies off everyone!! 
The_DarkShark: Weak! It was a mystical red liquid. Don’t faint. You act like you got herpes or something. #Thor2

8:23 PM 
The_DarkShark: Dark Elf? Looks white to me. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Oh its spelled aether!! #Thor2 My bad lol.

8:24 PM 
The_DarkShark: Look… another black guard. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Alignment of the world. You’d think earth scientists would be able to see this too. #Thor2

8:25 PM 
The_DarkShark: *looks off in distance* I can see you shower. #Thor2

8:26 PM 
The_DarkShark: Not raining where they are standing. Hmmmm. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Creeper Thor watching from the distance. #Thor2

8:27 PM 
The_DarkShark: Don’t slap the sexy man! #Thor2 
amerwitch: Idris Elba is hot in all gold. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Thor, don’t lie. You didn’t fight any wars. You were with the Super Friends in the last movie. #Thor2

8:28 PM 
The_DarkShark: Only #DarkShark can control the rain. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Oh snap! Jane just used self destruct! #Thor2

8:29 PM 
The_DarkShark: Fudger! You left Darcy behind! #Thor2 
amerwitch: See, I like Thor but not Chris Hemsworth. @The_DarkShark don’t understand that. #Thor2 #TheHair

8:30 PM 
The_DarkShark: I remember this area from Lego Marvel for the Xbox. #Thor2 #bifrost 
amerwitch: But I’m all over Loki and @twhiddlestion. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Oh! Speak english you aliens. #Thor2 

8:31 PM 
amerwitch: Unless you eat the goat. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: She used self destruct again. #Thor2

8:32 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oh wow! Tree of the 9 realms is an actual tree. #Thor2

8:33 PM 
amerwitch: Mother told us. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Aether… the a is silent. It it’s so silent, why use it in the world. #Thor2

amerwitch: I don’t no.

8:34 PM 
The_DarkShark: Dose your book mention how to get it out of me. #thatswhatshesaid #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Dark elves are having a bromance #Thor2

8:35 PM 
amerwitch: We really didn’t need the elves. #Thor2 #TheHair

8:36 PM 
amerwitch: This prison looks like it is from Buffy. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Loki, stop being a dick. You’re adoptive mother is trying to love you. #assay #Thor2

8:37 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oh look. Mommy used a trick like Loki. Playback is a bitch. #Thor2

8:38 PM 
The_DarkShark: You know what they say about big hands right? #Thor2 wanky-wanky! 
The_DarkShark: Ewww he just stuck a finger in his would! #Thor2

8:39 PM 
The_DarkShark: What? Dark Elf thingy is evolving! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Guard used light sword. It wasn’t very effective. #Thor2 #pokemonreference

8:40 PM 
The_DarkShark: Prison cell used prttect. But it failed! #Thor2 #pokemon 
The_DarkShark: He frees everyone but Loki? Wtf! Talk about picking and choosing. #Thor2

8:41 PM 
amerwitch: Thor knows how to rock a cape. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: @amerwitch isn’t live tweeting ad fast or as much as I.

amerwitch: my hands are busy. ;-)

The_DarkShark: Run, Superman! Oh… I mean Thor. Confused me with the cape. #Thor2

amerwitch: HE FLYING!

8:42 PM 
The_DarkShark: Rainbow bridge! Waiting for Mario to come flying out of the bifrost. #Thor2

8:44 PM 
The_DarkShark: Josh: We need an idea for a dark elf plane. How about just one wing! #Thor2
amerwitch: You mean JOSS

The_DarkShark: Oh come on! It’s a slow moving shield. You should be able to penetrate that! #Thor2

8:45 PM 
The_DarkShark: ….#thatswhatshesaid #Thor2

8:46 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oops. Black guard knows hes f’d. #Thor2 
amerwitch: I will never be as pretty as Loki. :’( #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: I feel sorry for my followers. Their feed is probably all me. Lol #Thor2

amerwitch: Yes, it is.

8:47 PM 
The_DarkShark: It’s the guy from Twilight! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: The head vampire thing. Looks exactly like this dark elf. #Thor2

8:48 PM 
The_DarkShark: i love it when they growl. ;) #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Come to think of it. The mother looks like that chick from Hocus Pocus. #Thor2

amerwitch: You fail, so much.
The_DarkShark: I know they’re not the Sam person. Just their character look alike. #Thor2

amerwitch: You fail at spelling.

8:49 PM 
The_DarkShark: Slow motion Thor looks like a failed orgasm face. #Thor2

8:50 PM 
The_DarkShark: Happy/sad boat ride. 
….right over the waterfall. Bye mom! We’ll miss you. #Thor2

8:51 PM 
The_DarkShark: And there she goes…. flying.. over the… waterfall…. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Look at the lighting bugs!!! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Don’t send me over a waterfall when I die. #Thor2

amerwitch: Nope, salt and burn your bones, assbut.

8:52 PM 
The_DarkShark: Wonder if Loki ever dropped the soap? #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Irony. Mother and the woman from Hocus Pocus are both witches. #Thor2

amerwitch: Frigga is not a witch!

8:53 PM 
The_DarkShark: Damn phone is failing at spelling and sending tweets in order. #Thor2 
amerwitch: STAN! #Thor2 #TheHair

8:54 PM 
The_DarkShark: Shut up Stan Lee. You’re in a home for the mental. You don’t need your shoe. You need to stop showing up in every movie. #Thor2

8:55 PM 
The_DarkShark: Typical arguing between Odin and Thor. #Thor2 There should be a drinking game for every time they argue.

8:56 PM 
The_DarkShark: Or at least every time Thor looks like hes confused/in pain. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Darcy is amazing! This movie should be called Darcy 2. #Thor2

8:57 PM 
The_DarkShark: Darcy and the guy with Meow-Meow! #Thor2

8:58 PM 
The_DarkShark: He took off the helmet!?!?! #Thor2

8:59 PM 
The_DarkShark: And there’s a guy who should be in the home with Stan Lee. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: He looks like a guy you’d find under an overpass wanting drugs. #Thor2

9:00 PM 
amerwitch: Maybe me and @The_DarkShark can dress as Loki and Thor. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Aaaand there’s Amers favorite quote. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Oh! Oh! Captain America scene!!!!! #Thor2

9:01 PM 
amerwitch: I REALLY want hair like Loki’s. #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: “God bless Amer…” bahahaha #Thor2

9:02 PM 
The_DarkShark: There goes Zena warrior princess saving Jane. #Thor2

9:03 PM 
The_DarkShark: I want in line to kill Loki. #Thor2

9:04 PM 
The_DarkShark: “Evidently there’ll be a line.” #Thor2 
    #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: I am pressing gently. #thatswhatshesaid #Thor2

9:05 PM 
The_DarkShark: Makes as much damage as I would piloting that thing. #Thor2

9:06 PM 
The_DarkShark: Aether Jane acts like drunk me…. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: I’ll give Loki this: his commentary is humorous. #Thor2

9:09 PM 
The_DarkShark: I just can’t keep up with the criticism of every second. #Thor2

9:10 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oh, on the phone. Hard to focus with the guy on the phone and watch a movie. #Thor2

9:11 PM 
amerwitch: THIS IS THE PART @josswhedon WROTE! #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Focus! Intern! Focus! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Naked on tv! Bahaha #Thor2

9:12 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oh Darcy. You’re so funny! #Thor2

9:14 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oh muscles! #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: I have a very small attention span. Lol #Thor2

amerwitch: What else is small?

9:15 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oh not the hand. That’s the masturbation hand! #Thor2

9:16 PM 
The_DarkShark: Whats going on? #Thor2

9:17 PM 
The_DarkShark: Oh it was a trick of Loki’s. #Thor2 You silly goose.

9:18 PM 
The_DarkShark: Whoosh. Whack. Whoosh whoosh. #Thor2

9:19 PM 
The_DarkShark: This is the kind of epic fighting you can find in my own book. #Thor2

amerwitch: I write better.
The_DarkShark: with capes like Thor’s

amerwitch: I put my cape pics on Facebook for you!

9:21 PM 
amerwitch: I cried when Loki died. Asked @The_DarkShark . :’( #Thor2 #TheHair

9:22 PM 
amerwitch: JUST KISS HIM THOR! #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: When in doubt call your phone. #Thor2

9:23 PM 
amerwitch: Wait, was @josswhedon on this? #Thor2 #TheHair 
The_DarkShark: Not sure how I feel about that Irish guy. #Thor2

9:24 PM 
The_DarkShark: Aww he’s so polite. Hang thr hammer at the door. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Awkward hug. #Thor2

9:25 PM 
The_DarkShark: We found a body… automatically assume Loki. #Thor2

9:26 PM 
The_DarkShark: And there’s Darcy. #Thor2

9:27 PM 
The_DarkShark: Dumb intern. #Thor2

9:29 PM 
The_DarkShark: People run too slow when impending doom is coming. #Thor2

9:30 PM 
The_DarkShark: A lot of big science words. #Thor2

9:31 PM 
The_DarkShark: Fly so fast cars are taken with you. #Thor2

9:332 PM 
The_DarkShark: This looks like a scene form portal for Xbox. #Thor2

9:33 PM 
The_DarkShark: They flew to the North Pole. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: Intern Hulk’d out. #Thor2

9:34 PM 
amerwitch: The end fight, there’s just too many “jokes” for me to enjoy it. This is why Iron Man 3 was my number 1 movie. #Thor2 #TheHair

9:36 PM 
The_DarkShark: You ever watch movies and think: “Man I wish I was there.” #Thor2

9:39 PM 
The_DarkShark: Awkward breakfast. #Thor2 amerwitch: Like your house.

9:42 PM 
The_DarkShark: Here comes the part that made Amy tell “What the fuck!” in the theater. #Thor2

amerwitch: Krazy, don’t use my real name.

9:43 PM 
The_DarkShark: Almost to the end. #Thor2

9:44 PM 
The_DarkShark: Only one more part to come. #Thor2 
The_DarkShark: The pink chick has weird arm movements. #Thor2

9:45 PM 
The_DarkShark: He looks like he came from The Hunger Games capital. #Thor2

9:46 PM 
The_DarkShark: And the end! #Thor2

9:48 PM 
amerwitch: A full transcript of me and @The_DarkShark’s tweets will be on my blog, later this week.

9:49 PM 
The_DarkShark: Thank you all for tuning in to the live tweet criticism of #Thor2. Keep in touch as me and @amerwitch will do future movies as well.

March 1, 2014

5 yr blog, day 147

“How could today been better?”

it could have been warmer.