August 29, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“We are on one planet among a very vast universe of billions of planets. Some people believe we are the only planet with life, while others believe we are among many extra terrestrial races. Where do you stand? What do you believe? Why?”

there’s something out there. there’s someone out there.
why? why not? it’s too vast of an area for us to be the only ones.


nerd date: 8/23/2013
i have written about my love of Batman (“i believe in Batman”, August 7, 2012). no need to recap that.
so last night’s news and the internets blowing up about Ben Affleck is the new Batman.
yes, there seems to be some coughing from the back room from peeps saying “well you didn’t like it when they casted Christen Bale/Heath Ledger/Michael Keaton/Anne Hathaway.”
ok, so casting has been made and the nerds rage and then it turned out good.
BUT THIS IS BEN FUCKING AFFLECK!!! all i can see him is from Pearl Harbor and Mallrats where is just this schmuckyness and i don’t see any change in him after 6 years.
no, i have not seen any of his recent works. yes, i’m being judgmental about this. BUT THIS IS BATMAN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!


nerd date: 8/25/2013
i’ve had some time to chill and let the internet rage for me.
i know why i’m so mad about this.
for the past three years, i have been studying Batman, reading the older stories, debating the story lines in the Nolan movies, and just endless hours debating all things Batman with my boyfriend.
Batman is not the only comic book hero on my radar. With Joss Whedon writing and directing The Avengers, the world of Marvel (beyond the X-Men) opened before me.
yes, i am a pagan, a witch. with Marvel’s cast of characters, i have prayed to Thor in the form of shirtless Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki make me question my nerdgirlness over Johnny Depp, and for the about the past year i have been praying to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk for strength while at work.
it took Ben Affleck as Batman to stir my nerdrage and made me realized that this is not so much nerdrage as it is they are fucking with my gods.
pagan 101 for finding a deity to work with is to study one, their myths. that’s what’s i’ve been doing, only with comic book super heroes.
i’m not crazy with this thought process. internet reviewers Doug and Rob Walker said that our superheroes and comic books are the closest thing we have to classic myths.

and PS: yes i know what Joss Whedon tweeted: “Affleck’ll crush it. He’s got the chops, he’s got the chin – just need the material. Affleck & Cavill toe to toe – I’m in.” i don’t know if he’s did it on his own, if Marvel asked him to, if he’s trying to use his nerd-god powers to quell the herd or what. we will wait and see.

August 22, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“Children and religion can be a touchy and sensitive topic. Some people believe in raising their kids in their own personal faiths since birth...others think waiting until the children are old enough to decide for themselves is best. This topic doesn't have to specifically be about Paganism or could be about Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, etc.
Do you believe children should be raised in the faith of their parents or allowed to wait and decide on their own? Were you raised in a religion that you are no longer part of? Has that changed or shaped the path you're on today?
Enjoy! Blessed be.”

i was raised in a faith i am WAY no longer part of. i was raised Roman Catholic. i even went to a Catholic school for 8 years.
i don’t think i was ever meant to be Catholic and i really believe that if i went to a public school, i would have came out a Christen.
so, how damaged was i by Catholicism? a lot. but, that’s how i came out this way. it made me the bitch i am today. looking back, 8 sucky years to be formed into this kickass witch, it was worth it.
so, i’m not gonna force anything on my kids right? do to the hell i lived?
umm, maybe.
i read an article on WitchsVox (long ago and lost to the ages) about how a pagan woman didn’t raise her son with any religion. he went to college, became a born again Christen, and want’s nothing to do with her anymore.
i will not beat my religion into my kids. they will be raised in a pagan household and nothing will be held back from them. if they want to learn, they will have to ask. other than that, gonna let them go out into the world and see what flies.

August 16, 2013


where do i begin?
i had been on vampire hours for toy reset. today was the first day i was on daylight hours.
toy reset was fun. i had fun. i’m excited about the toys coming in.
Kody said i will be the Toy Queen. i have hopes but gods know how this will play out.
ok so reset went well, spent some lovely time with the new manager (Kody), getting in good and what all.
one day at lunch, i watched Nathan, Kody, and Joey, throw a baseball around in the parking lot.
it was 2:30 in the morning.
i lived off of quesadillas that week too.
Joey was worthless. i don’t know why he was there.
during this fun week of up all night and (trying) sleep all day, on Wednesday me, Mom and Renelda went up to Macon for yarn. and A.J.’s.
Renelda about stroked out on all the yarn at Ben Franklin’s. i did find a kick ass multi-color gray yarn for Ben’s Yule gift.
Kelly made some kind of cake that had 3 sticks of butter and 4 cups of sugar: brown, white, and powered. the small part i had was awesome but it needs nuts.
i don’t know how i made that day. it was basically on no sleep and really no caffeine.
here is my rant and then i will end on a happy note:
and now to the happy time!
so me and Colt went out Thor’sDay. i worked, came home, showered, slept for 3 hours (?), and then made my way to town for an afternoon out on the town.
we went to see The Wolverine. (i will note i did get to see The Hair with the Thor trailer.) what can i say about Hugh Jackman? he’s 6’3”, has a Tony (for singing) and can bench-press 300 pounds (meaning he can pick me up). and he can rock out some mad mutton chops and claws.
i liked the movie. the best part, Wolverine throws this guy out a window and the guy lands in a pool, several stories down. Yukio looks to see the guy in the pool and asked Wolverine how he knew there was a pool. and like a mofo, Wolverine said, “i didn’t”.
well, between Matt and Nathan, i knew about the stinger at the end of the movie. Colt didn’t. he lost his shit at the end.
i hit the head after the movie and Colt had the truck at the door when i walked out.
we made our ways to Chili’s where Colt tweeted his feelings:
  • Wolverine blew my mind!!
  • My mind is full of fuck.
  • Seriously, I’ve been living a lie.
his nerding out/freaking out was priceless.
Chili’s was nice/ish. it’s hard not to be a bit miffed when your date is on Grindr and then asking nearby guys if they want swing by.
i did get to spend time with Colt, outside of the store, in real clothes. it was then and there he said i was a fag hag and that i could put that on my blog as the list of things i am.
while we rode home, in mostly silence, i closed my eyes. with the unseasonal cool weather, the wind blowing my hair in my face, i felt magick. i felt alive. after the past 2 weeks, one of pure hell, one of being a vampire, i think i came out. i felt alive.
we made our way to Linn where Colt dropped me off.

Post Script: so when 2 coworkers go on a date, shit hits the fan.
i told Nathan and Kody that i had a date with Colt. this somehow included them txting Destiny and asking the question, ARE THEY HOOKING UP?!?
*sigh* i didn’t hear about this till Saturday when i rolled back into working during the daylight. Colt filled me in. i just asked him to txt me what rumors he wants to spread so i can confirm or deny them.

August 15, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“I read a rant on a community page on Facebook about how monogamy and human nature don't seem to mesh. What is your opinion on this subject?”

interesting idea was proposed on a pagan group on Facebook:
maybe some people are not wired to be monogamous. just like some of us are gay, straight and all shades between, maybe some of us are just wired to love more than one at a time.
and i go back to my statement of “whatever 2 or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their own universe is not of my concerned.” as long as this statement stands true, whatever floats your boat.

August 11, 2013

vampire hours

well it’s 2 AM and gods what the hell am i doing?
i have to sorta get on vampire hours to do this toy reset. i’m waiting for a parent to fuck this up and try to wake me during the daylight.
i’m so excited for this! i’m just assuming this will be fun, like high school. then when you get into it, you realized this was not what you were promised.
and then you read The Bell Jar and highlight the whole book.
little off edge right now. this may not make sense after 8 hours of sleep.
i’ve been wearing a bra for over 18 hours.
this should have been the night to get ripped roaring drunk.

August 9, 2013

I lost my soul when I fell to earth

i don’t write. i play Skyrim, work, and suffer my lighter shade of darkness.
i blame the last week on PMS, but it’s wasn’t.
Tuesday, i about lost my shit. i like my new manager, Kody. he knows i like toys so he sent me there with 100 price changes. i should have banged that out right quick.
i couldn’t. they called me to cashier and it drains my soul, badly. bleeding out my ears, wanting to die, bad.
you can’t blame that on PMS. i can’t anyway. i don’t roll that way.
it’s also Matt driving me nuts. he’s needy and i can’t/won’t give him the time he wants/needs. i have so little for myself that i can’t give it away.
i am on the toy rest team. i hope this week of vampire hours helps me out. it will be almost a vacation for me.
Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is only $12.99 on iTunes. sounds like cheap therapy.
also, i need to organized my crochet for Yule and get crocheting!
on a mundane lvl, it rain. in some places, it rained a year’s worth in a day. the Gasconade River and the Roubidoux went up and over. i called in work Thor’s Day. river was up in 2 places and couldn’t get there.
well, family and i did map out a 6 hours trip but for 4.5 hours of work? fuck it.
fuck it. it’s been the great motto of late.

August 8, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“Everyone has their two cents on where to start, so where do you weigh in? If someone new to Paganism/Wicca/Witchcraft approached you and asked for some direction, what would you say? Start with books? If yes, what books would you recommend? Start out in nature? Seek a mentor?
Today's topic is all about where you think a good starting place is and why. Enjoy!”

i have recently started someone on this path.
i started them off on grounding, centering, and shielding. then i lent them Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham.
this is how i started them, this is how my path is.

August 1, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“Do you think it is best to follow nature's intentions when it comes to having children, or taking it into your own hands? Consider the following topics while blogging about this: 
 - Natural Childbirth 
- C-sections 
- In Vitro 
- Surrogacy 
- Abortion 
- Birth Control”

whatever it takes, to get to the end, and both mother and child/ren alive and healthy, that’s what’s needs to be done.