May 30, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“The Book of Shadows of any magickal practitioner is as unique as their fingerprint. Some use it as a journal, some use it as a spell book. Some people don't feel the need to keep one at all. 

 What does yours look like? Do you hand write it? Is it typed? Do you let others handle it? How is it set up...a journal or a spell book? Both? Was yours given to you by someone? Today's prompt is all about that magickal book and what it means to you. Enjoy!”

mine is a 3 inch 3 ring binder, black. parts are handwritten, parts are typed.
i don’t think i have let anyone else touch it.
how it’s set up is what i’m proud of.
the first part is “Magickal Workings” that list how to do a ritual, with a guild line and then in detail on how to cast and call and invoke.
the 2nd part is “Correspondences” mostly herbs and colors.
next is “Spells, Rituals, and other Magickal Trappings.” should be self-explanatory what it is.
the last part is my “Bibliography”. everything in my BOS, rather i wrote it myself or i got it from a book or the net, has its sources cited. i know where i got it from.
my BOS is not my journal. it’s all magick, all the time.
and i made it all myself.

May 27, 2013


"It’s not simple. Not thinking it out or writing it out helps. Even to me, it’s a mess of thought and words.

It’s emotion and color. It’s a rawness for no civilized words can contain. I feel it in my blood and body. It’s all in my head.

And I can’t get it out. No matter of seeing you, hearing you, inhaling your scent, cleanse you from me.

I can’t stop you. You, with your shine and light. You draw me into your dark water web where I feel safe. And I know it’s there I am the weakest and you will harm me.

And I put myself there. I make it harmful, not you. You, who do not know the full of the pull you have over me, you are the broken innocents to the darkness I live in."

May 26, 2013

#333: Halfway to Evil

the weekend started off at 5 AM. i went to work, change clothes, and made my way to the greater Waynesville/St. Robert area.
Matthew wanted to meet up and eat at El Jimador. i looked like a hot mess and didn’t want to. he said he would pay. i caved.
after that, we went to the gamer store so i could get my dice. i got the oranges ones with black numbers. very Halloween.
i think the fact i made my dice bag out of Red Heart’s Cherry Cola yarn colored my looked at the dice. i made Matthew’s out of Urbane Camo.
Monday we went to Jessica’s to start playing Pathfinder. i wanted to break Carlos. i think i did. my character, being an elf raised by gnomes, had a pet chicken raised by peacocks did it.
it was great.
oh my gods it was fun! need to learn how to do combat and get XP and i want to start a game with Matthew and his dad. got a great idea of a story line.
Tuesday: 3 3D movies in one day, to celebrate 3 years with Mathew. 
let’s do it!
The Great Gatsby: i’ve read the book, saw the Robert Redford version, and i still hate this.
i just don’t care for the story, at all. the movie was pretty and all (not so full of flash as i thought it was going to be) but, i just don’t care for it. eh.
Iron Man 3: first off, i saw The Hair™, on the big screen, in 3D. best part of the whole weekend.
you know the line from Avengers, Captain America says “Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?”
this movie answers that.
i loved it. Sir Ben Kingsley was fucking awesome!
i love when my superheroes have issues. that their powers cannot overcome it. i love them weak.
from my nerds i have heard some compassion to The Dark Knight Rises but i feel more pain from Robert Downy Jr then i did from Christen Bale.
Star Trek Into Darkness: MOTHERFUCKERS!
ok, maybe watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan at work for the week prior may have warped my view of this movie but come on!
Benedict Cumberbatch, loved him evil. never seen him in anything else (yet) but he came off all evil and sexy.
oh look, Klingons for all of what, a min? blar!
and the whole Kirk dies, Spock and his resurrecting tribble, blah blah blah. not even for fan services, just bullshit!
hey J.J.! gonna save the whales in the 3rd? huh white boy?
i liked the first one. i like the idea of setting up this new universe so we are not bound by the Shatner/Nimoy era. i saw it as a way to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”
oh and the Uhura/Spock thing, that’s fine and dandy but really, it’s cheap but the fact Uhura is a “girl” so what are you going to do with her but make her a love interest with a male lead, that’s all a “girl” are good for, am i right guys?
NOTE: i am not a Trekkie. i’m dating a 2nd generation Trekkie. live long and let the force devours (major nerd points to all who gets those quotes and where they are from).
and while i there i got a head cold that was kicked my ass for the next few days. breathing in that air from Mathew’s house did not help, at all.
i love him but i love him better when he’s at my house.

May 25, 2013

I Hard-Core Crochet

Hard-Core Crochet (HCC) is an attitude, not a way of life.
HCC is taking crochet out of the uncool universe and putting it squarely in the universe it belongs to: yours, mine, ours.
HCC is not about making crochet cool. Crochet is too old, too square to be cool. HCC is about being hep, not hip.
HCC is not laying claim that Knitting is the enemy, far from it. HCC only wants to reclaim what has been lost by hipsters who took up Knitting as the cool thing to do. Remember HCC is not about being cool. It’s about Crocheting.
We are not dainty old ladies in rocking chairs. You cannot be dainty with a hook in your hand.
What Knitters do with 2 needles, Crocheters can do with one hook. Needles may be more dangerous, but we Hard-Core Crochet.
HCC is not anarchy. There is a system.
  • HCC only works 3 projects at a time, max. We do not believe in having piles of half ass afghans and scarves lying around.
  • HCC works best with music. The louder, the faster, the better. Crank up Lady Gaga, Jerry Reed, Monster Magnet and rock with your hook out!
  • HCC will shoot down anyone who ask, "What are you knitting?” Remember, we do not put down knitting but for too long crochet has been hidden away.
  • HCC embraces COLOR!, the more the better. Study your color wheel and roll with it! Take Shocking Pink, Mellow Orange, and Fresh Green and make something out of it! Life is too short not to be shell shock by safe, muted tones.
  • HCC lives for variegated yarn. All solids, all the time, will white wash our soul. If COLOR! scares you, take variegated and black and go with it. COLOR! is good for you.
  • HCC embraces the Granny Square. Too long the Granny Square has been the bastard child of Crochet family, cast out of the family pictures. Embrace the hepness of the Granny Square and rock it hard-core.
  • HCC is not your Grandma’s Crocheting*. We will not gently sit by. We will express ourselves. We will go out, Crochet in the wild world, be loud, proud, bedazzle other’s with our spread, our flair, our sinful passion to our art of yarn.
  • HCC seeks out the odd pattern. Afghans, scarves, sweaters, are our bread and butter but we want more. We seek to find the skulls, the sock monkeys, the spider web doilies. We are what we Crochet.
  • HCC do not believed in buying patterns. We save our money for yarn, taking to the internet and the library for that fantasy pattern, which is free. Only, and only, do we put out yarn money on patterns if it holds itself to be ammo for HCC.
  • HCC is not about being yarn snobs. We do not look down on “lower quality” yarn and stick to higher price “fancy yarn.” Bailer twine, acrylic, wool, thread, blue jeans, trash bags, we will use what we can get our hooks on to make our art.
Hard Core Crochet is not our religion but part of it. We should feel closer to the heavens and our ancestors by taking up the hook and yarn. We should feel inner peace and let that flow into our yarn, our craft.

*HCC may be your grandma’s crocheting. I have a clear memory of my Grandma, watching a bad wagon train movie, crocheting ninety to nothing, on some hair crazy pattern. I believe she Hard Core Crochet.

May 23, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

‘"Everything happens for a reason." "
What goes around comes around." 
The Threefold Law

These are the things we hear about every day, in good times and bad. But is everything pre-planned, and everything we experience for a greater lesson? Or do we decide our own fate with our choices? Take these questions into consideration while writing your blog entry this week.
I look forward to seeing what everyone's views are on this one.’

i like to think that the “big” things are preplanned. the gods look down on us “yes, you shall marry and have children. we deem you this. now you have find him!”
i guess it’s life is kinda like a video game. you read the plot, goal to get this gold coin, and you are off when these puzzles and challenges pop up that “hinders” you.

May 16, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“Today's prompt is about the Wiccan Rede. What do you think of the rede? Do you follow it? There are about a billion ways to interpret that last line, "An it harm none, do as thou wilt". What does this personally mean to you? Does this mean as long as you aren't harming're good to go? What constitutes harm? Does it carry over into animal rights? Does it cover even commonplace things like ear piercings or tattoos? YOU are included in the "harm none" clause, so does this mean you should hold yourself to a healthy lifestyle that doesn't harm your body?”

i think the Rede is a great poem/thought that many have twisted to fit their need.
everyone goes on about not harming anything and that hexing is bad. do these people think if you are doing healing magick that that is a form of hexing the germs and harming them? like oh my gods, you are hurting the germs and going against the Rede!
when i first started into witchcraft, i noticed that two ideas had many correspondences, love and protection.
if we are not meant to protect ourselves and ours, then why the hell is there so much magicks for it?

May 14, 2013


sometimes it takes more than just saying “i’m gonna stop doing this and start doing that.” to actually DO that instead of this.
i’ve been antsy to crochet. i don’t know what to crochet and i really don’t want to start some fluff project that means nothing.
might just say fuck it all and actually do some meditation tomorrow. i don’t even remember the last time i did that.
July 19, 2010. wow. i’m failing there.
this whole teaching someone has made me want/need to step up my game and do SOMETHING! and i am. just in such dribs and drabs and over too long of time period.
ok. 30 mins in my room. i can do it.

May 13, 2013


this birthday present for Colt is turning into more homework then i think it’s worth.
if he don’t like it, i’m gonna hurt him.
in other news, i want to clean and i want to crochet and i don’t have the time due to me pissing off all the time i have.
like now.

May 9, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“This prompt is primarily for parents, and can be used as a blog topic, or simply as a share for your family activities.

- Share with us some of the things you teach your children about Paganism and your beliefs.
- At what age did you start including your children in on ritual and/or activities?
- What are some activities you have used to teach your children about Pagan spirituality throughout their different ages and stages?”

have no children, not going to answer.

May 7, 2013


it’s amazing what 69 mins can do to the soul.
that’s all i worked, in my room. i have a clean spot on my floor now.
i still have shits to do. i made a to do map. it started off as a list but it really didn’t work as a list for me. now i have a map.
in other news, i’m trading witchcraft lessons for Pathfinder lessons.
and maybe be teaching Krazy too.
sorting things out with Krazy, i love the child. i let him get away with shit that i wouldn’t let Matt do.
i do not want to turn this post into some long ramble about Krazy. this is shit i would want to tell him face to face and not have him read it here.
invite me over Colt. i will tell you many things.

May 2, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompts

“Today is National Pagan coming out of the broom closet day. So in honor of this, I figured I would post today's prompt all about coming out of the broom closet.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the expression, it basically means letting your friends and family know that you identify as Pagan/Wiccan/etc.
How does everyone feel about coming out of the broom closet? Is it necessary? Are you in or out? Somewhere in between? Did you experience any negative reactions? Any awesome ones? How did this go for you, if you have gone through it? Lets hear it!”

i don’t know if i ever really been in the closet. my “family” has known i like the dark and macabre so becoming a witch was weird, it more or less the next step for me.
i don’t hide it, or flaunt it. i wear my pentacle and live my life.